2011 Allied Media Conference - Kids Transform the World!

In 2008, Regeneracion Childcare NYC created a children's track for the Critical Resistance 10 Conference - "Akila and the Prison Monster" - along with the Bay Area Childcare Collective and other volunteer groups from around the country. This interactive series of workshops and theater was a big hit.

In 2011, we've created a kids track for the Allied Media Conference called Kids Transform the World that contains video messages from the future. Jadu, Ling, Ori, Camilo and Zed are folks of all ages who are reaching out from the Detroit of 2511 to ask kids at the 2011 AMC for help! Thankfully, their messages reached, and 2011 kids planted a tree to grow their hopes and dreams for the future while keeping roots in the present...

2011 AMC: Magic Tree

This program was made in collaboration with the Intergalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collectives (ICCC), a network of US-based childcare collectives: Regeneración Childcare NYC, Bay Area Childcare Collective, ChiChiCo from Chicago, Philly and DC Childcare Collectives, Kelli's Childcare Collective from Atlanta, and La Semilla from Austin.

As part of the AMC, the ICCC also held a visioning caucus. We shared conversation on developing a collective vision and on writing something together, while also thinking about how to share resources, such as activities and games, that we use in our work with kids. Another collective effort was tabling together to brainstorm and discuss strategies with anyone curious about starting or sustaining a childcare collective, thinking about engaging children as political subjects, or just wanting to provide childcare for their organization.

We had a fantastic time in Detroit - and are already looking forward to next year!