Regeneración Reps at Occupy Forum

Regeneración had the opportunity to speak a little about its work during a workshop about Labor, Care and Reproduction at the Occupy Forum on the Commons. This three-day Making Worlds conference (Feb 16-18, 2012) included presentations and workshops on a number of topics related to commoning in the context of the Occupy movement.

During the panel, we shared our philosophy of why childcare is political work, and our thoughts about how engaging with children transforms our movements. We were also super excited to hear about the amazing projects of our co-presenters, including the Feminist/Queer/Postcolonial Commons, the Challenging Male Supremacy Project, Domestic Workers United, Occupy Infancy and Holistic Mom Lactivists.

Most of all, we were thrilled to see folks of all ages - including little ones! - at the panel, and want to give a special shout out to the organizers for their brilliant communal note-taking effort, which had adults and kids working and playing together by adding notes and doodles to rolls of paper laid out on the floor. Hooray!!

More about this event can be found on their wiki here or in the Making Worlds program.