Our Structure

Our childcare work focuses on growing relationships between volunteer childcare providers, children, parents, families, and organizations. We do so by providing childcare and kids programming at organizational meetings, events, and conferences, in collaboration with community-based collectives and cooperatives. 

We do this work within the structure of a core collective and a broader volunteer network

Core collective members are custodians of Regen's mission and vision, and responsible for developing existing and new relationships with partner groups, organizing the logistics of doing childcare gigs & other programming,  envisioning future directions for collaboration & growing our work, and doing the "maintenance" work of keeping our group going. Collective members attend regular monthly meetings, communicate regularly over email, and do childcare gigs pretty frequently. 

Our volunteer network is comprised of amazing childcarist@s! Volunteers do childcare gigs as they are able to (some folks do regular gigs once every month, others do gigs more or less frequently), and are welcome to join our committees for planning events, trainings, and other programming. 

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