Help Regeneración Indiego-GROW Our Work!

Regeneración NYC - our amazing collective of volunteer childcare providers - is launching an online fundraising campaign to support our work of building movements with kids and families! 

Our work runs on home-cooked meals and love, but we need your help with making our visions a reality! 
Between buying face paint and games, creating children’s programming, hiring skilled trainers to help us build our vision and create long term organizational plans, we have some real costs. As a collective volunteer network (and 
not a non-profit), we are asking our communities for 
help with raising funds! 

You can learn more about us and the goals we have in the coming year by visiting our page on Indiegogo. 

We hope you'll make a modest (or generous) contribution for our journey, and in return, get some really cool perks available nowhere else. Please spread the word to your friends, family, and networks! 

PS - if you're in NYC: please join our community dinner and fundraiser on June 1st at the Brooklyn Commons. Hope to see you there - and thanks for all your support!