Support Regeneración's Children's Program at CR-10

From September 26-28, members of Regeneración Childcare NYC will be traveling to Oakland, California to coordinate the children's program at Critical Resistance 10. We need your help to send 10 awesome childcare volunteers to Oakland.

Regeneración is an all-volunteer network of awesome childcare providers. We receive no funding, have no staff, and are committed to working with as little bureaucracy and as grassroots as possible. As such we aren't a a formalized non-profit group, and are ineligible for grants and outside funding.

What we do have is a network of amazing friends, family, allies, supporter, fans, admirers, people who have crushes on us, and comrades - meaning YOU!

Costs of travel and transportation are pretty high. Any contributions you can make to our Regeneración journey to Oakland would be highly appreciated!

Please contact us at childcarenyc -at- if you would like to contribute. We will have an on-line donation link up soon!

Questions you might have:

Q1) How does this benefit the communities Regeneración works with in New York City?
A1) Good question! At CR-10, we are going to debut our Regeneración toybox - a series of liberating, fun, cooperative games, stories, and activities for children. We have been developing this toybox since the autumn of 2007, after returning from the amazing childcare program at the US Social Forum. This is our test-run of the toybox, a set of activities that ALL of our volunteers can use with any of our partner groups, here in NYC and wherever they may go.
Furthermore, the children and families attending Critical Resistance 10 include many parents and kids from our partner groups in NYC. Lastly, the movement to abolish the prison system benefits EVERYONE who loves life, especially the young kids we work with in NYC.

Q2) How much does it cost to send one awesome childcare volunteer to Oakland?
A2) Ticket prices are between $350-500 each!!! Fuel is expensive and airlines are evil. We will also be bringing lots of games and materials and puppets, which will cost money to send due to insane new luggage restrictions $25+ for a bag, depending on the airline. Our total fundraising goal per volunteer is $500 per person.

Q3) What else are y'all doing to raise funds?
A3) We are doing the following: a) throwing fundraising parties, b) writing letters to our supporters, c) playing music on street corners, d) helping CR-10 by writing grants to fund their children's program.

Q4) I want to be involved in the children's program at CR-10, how can I help as a volunteer or by donating materials?
A4) Awesome! Check this link: and email the awesome children's program coordinator at CR-10, Hilary.

Please contact us at childcarenyc - at- if you would like to contribute. We will have an on-line donation link up soon!