How to Get Involved

Want to join us in the work of intergenerational movement building? Hooray! Here's how!

Becoming a Volunteer:
  • Email with why you’re interested and a little bit about yourself
  • We will get in touch with you, and if it seems like a good fit, we will invite you to do childcare with an organizer so we can get to know you better!
  • We ask that all volunteers who want to do regular work with Regeneracion attend a volunteer orientation
  • Lastly, you will get a buddy - a collective member that you can touch base with about gigs and being more involved with the collective!

Volunteer Ongoing Work:

  • Understand the Regeneración vision statement and keep it in mind when you are doing childcare or otherwise reppin’ the crew.
  • Commit to doing childcare and use the Regeneración listserv to keep track of childcare requests and other events and concerns as they are posted.
  • Participate in Regeneración gatherings and trainings as you are able.
  • Maintain clear communication with collective members and any groups that you regularly volunteer with regarding your availability, capacity, and thoughts/concerns.
  • Volunteers are welcome to help organize and promote Regeneración events, recruit other volunteers, or be on committees.
  • Volunteers check in with collective member buddy if any conflicts or challenges come up with groups or gigs, other volunteers, or collective members - don’t do the work alone!
  • If you are a volunteer and you want to leave Regeneración, contact a collective member and let them know why you can’t/don’t want to be a volunteer anymore.

Becoming a Collective Member: 

  • Express interest in being part of the collective!
  • Have done a good amount of childcare shifts and have a sense of how childcare works
  • Be in alignment with Regneración’s vision
  • There will be a consensus based collective process to determine if bringing you into the collective seems like a good fit and a good next step for the collective. 

Collective Member Ongoing Work:

  • Attend collective meetings
  • Maintain clear communication and regular contact with volunteers, groups, parents, and kids with whom we regularly work.
  • Use the Regeneración listserv and check the e-mail account to keep track of childcare requests and other events and concerns as they are posted.
  • Volunteer for childcare opportunities.
  • Organize Regeneración gatherings, events, fundraisers, trainings
  • Support Regeneración volunteers and partner groups
  • Reach out to parents and groups to build new relationships
  • Participate in Regeneración other maintenance and administrative tasks.
  • Participate in visioning and future planning for Regeneración and invest in the growth of this political project. 
  • Assess and evaluate childcare opportunities, groups, and the volunteer network
  • Understand the Regeneración Vision Statement and apply it to your work and everyday life
  • Speak on behalf of Regeneración at events or in print or with the media.
  • Responsible for holding the vision of Regeneración and facilitate conversations about political disagreements